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 a strange idea

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PostSubject: a strange idea   Sat Jun 21, 2014 10:06 pm

i know nobody is going to see this but i need to write this down somewhere.

Could you imagine and RPG game based around the NHL's and NHLPA's CBA terms and agreements?

what the heck is that?! here i'll explain....

imagine a brand new developing team is releasing a hit new game. it features you as the player building 2 teams (or maybe we'll call them "clans") of 20 characters. each character has it's own class and skill set just like any other rpg but here's a cool catch. there's a unique leveling system, your team characters can start off any where between level 1 and 50. (50 being the cap) and your characters grow up and down based on how well they do in questing/battling. and they also have a set potential rating based on how old they are. now i know that could be weird in a rpg because there are games badass old and young characters, so i figured why not have characters get better as they get older, some get worse, and others just level evenly no matter what. maybe i can fix that up later. now to acquire said characters you need them to sign contracts with your team. your team only has so much money to spend so better characters will cost a lot while less quality characters are easily affordable. most likely your teams will have an equal share of a superstar fighter, aged veterans and rookies reaching their prime. so now you got your teams together what do you do? im pretty sure you'll want to take your best guys out on the fun high difficulty hunting or dungeon crawling missions while your minor team gets sent out doing the tedious chore missions like item gathering. how do you get rewarded? i debated from item drops to generic rpg ideas but what i really liked is that the better your team does with its questing meaning you finished your missions the quickest and you also dealt tons of damage or maybe your team was the most covert or most persuasive, anyway....there's other teams like you too. maybe say 29 others? well you and the other top 15 gather in a glorious series of stadium battles to compete to be the best and more rewards are given for how well you place.

essentially what i am thinking of is an rpg game was a serious in depth dynasty mode that keeps you playing more and more rather than just a single story.....i dunno :\
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a strange idea
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