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 this is genius

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PostSubject: this is genius   Sun Dec 19, 2010 6:05 pm

posted by an old friend on his blog. it's really long read when you have time

Why do girls act like bitches?
This is just something that has gotten me pissed off latley. I am beginning to learn this, and I'm sure that a lot of you guys out there agree with this too. Some (and by some I mean MOST) girls act like complete bitches. The sad part is that in their twisted mines they just don't see it or don't care. Girls at a very young age learn the power that they have over men, and they exploit this to the extreme. It is so easy for them to get almost anything they want from us, and we fall for it almost everytime don't we! They have learned just how easy it is, and that's why they do it so often, and so mercilessly.

Here is a simple example, I had this one female co-worker that I initially didn't like but over time we got closer and I ended up falling for her. She was always friendly, would flirt with me all the time, always help me, etc and I would do the same. I felt a close connection between us, but she just recently got a new job. Right before she left I asked her to hang out she said yes, I got her number, etc. So in about two weeks I text her casually so we could start talking and I was going to lead it into setting up plans to hang out. She never answered. Ok so no big deal, I wait a few more days try again and all I get back is a "hey". Wtf am I suppose to do with that, and to make it even worse it took her an hour to reply with that. So I respond and tell her the only two days I'm free next week, and ask if she wants to hangout. FOUR hours later, she says she has to work both of those days. So I say, "well maybe this weekend I should get out of work pretty early"...and guess what no response! If you told me you wanted to hangout then what's with the total lack of interest! I know this isn't the best example, I actually have much better ones but this was fresh in my mind and I was pissed about it.

I just hate flakey girls like this so much! I just don't get it with you girls. You act so friendly in person, but whenever it comes to actual hanging out/dates you just go insane. In person you act so flirty and interested, you give me your number and say that you would love to hangout or some other bullshit, but you (almost) never do! (I'm no loser either, I play sports, have a job, am very smart, funny, above average looking...) I'll give you girls all a hint, guys DO NOT like playing these fucking games, it is aHUGE turnoff, I know a lot of you guys feel the way I do right now. Another thing why lie and say yes to hanging out and then not show, or end up cancelling it's just so pointless and a waste of my time. I am no weakling and will always stand up for myself and my friends, but some of you girls out there think a guy is needy, weak or w/e if he texts you too soon or keeps asking you questions. NO that is not usually the fucking case, is it possible that the guy just actually likes you and might actually care for you! That would be terrible wouldn't it, and the funny part is the you girls think it's funny when a guy does this. What, does it give you a big ego boost or something. Do you know how much courage it took for the guy to even ask you out, if you girls weren't so scared of getting your own feelings hurt maybe you would take some risks and ask out a guy for once or tell him how you feel...but I know that will never happen (atleast with most girls).

So here's what it comes down to. ALMOST all girls are bitches, atleast deep down. They are bitches to eachother and to guys they don't see worthy enough. Even if a girl is acting nice to you, watch out because she just might want something. I see it everyday with guys at school, the store, everywhere. If you ever see a stunning girl smile at you, bat her eye lashes and ask you to do a "little" favour. Watch out because there is a very good chance that she's laughing inside "that another guy fell for that same old trick again". There is that slight possibilty that she might see it as an act of kindness, or she might actually like you, however these days those chances are slim. I know things won't change and that girls will continue to exploit guys and the guys will keep falling for it, but I just figured I'd vent a bit and throw my two cents out there...
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PostSubject: Re: this is genius   Sun Dec 19, 2010 11:32 pm

*agrees* Yeah a lot of girls are like that, but not all of em. The girl friends (notice the space between girl and friends) I have are pretty cool with me and I talk to them all the time. But I have to agree that most girls or at least a good part are more friendly when they need something, and yeah they totally don't care what a guy has to go through to get the courage to ask someone out. I wouldn't say the word bitches though, seems too harsh.....
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this is genius
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